3️ 🗝️ things we now know about the UPcoming changes after yesterday’s council meeting:

1️⃣ The Medium Density Residential Standard (MDRS) in the new higher intensity zoning will be legally effective from 18th August 2022 when the plan change will be publicly notified.

2️⃣ There will be eight additional qualifying matters such as the ‘Infrastructure – Water and/or Wastewater Constraints’. In such areas the MDRS will not apply.

3️⃣ The higher intensity zoning from the April 2022 draft will not apply in areas affected by the qualifying matters. As an example, see before and after scenario for the Henderson-Massey Local Board area below.

Zoning proposed in April 2022:

Zoning after application of qualifying matters (4th August, 2022)

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