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We are driven to deliver results for you. We believe in not only solving your problems but also building a long-lasting relationship. You will receive top quality professional services from us.

Each site and project are unique. We will work with you to find a custom-made solution to meet your requirements. We are based in West Auckland, and our services are available for the entire Auckland region.

Resource & Subdivision Consent

We offer a one-stop solution to all your consenting needs. You can count on us to take care of the hassles of the entire process. We will manage end-to-end stages of your consenting needs.

For consents processing we offer the following services:

  • ensuring your application aligns with the rules of the unitary plan
  • organising pre-application meeting
  • preparing and lodging the total application with council
  • writing the Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)
  • ensuring all supporting documents such as architectural design, engineering reports and scheme plans are ready before lodgement
  • liaising with council
  • responding to request for further information
  • project managing the entire process


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Assessing feasibility at the very initial stage of building, subdividing, buying or selling is important to avoid disappointment later. We offer a range of feasibility options from a  consultation session to a detailed report. 

Have you ever been in either of the above scenarios? Or do you know someone who is in that awkward situation? We will help you avoid such disappointments. We will provide you with key information about your property so that you can make the right decision about your building, subdividing, buying or selling journey. 

Unitary Plan Advice

We are experts in the district plan process, and are experienced in the Unitary Plan preparation. We will work with you on plan changes, submissions,  hearings or appeals.

We offer planning services to represent you if you need to attend a consent or plan change hearings. We will act on your behalf and work with a legal counsel and specialists to represent you at hearings. We can advise you on other Resource Management Act processes such as court hearings, submissions and appeals.

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