What are the key changes?

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The the two key changes are:

  • the introduction of the Medium Density Residential Standards (MDRS), and
  • the application of the 10 minute walkable catchments.

How will the changes affect homeowners? Read below.

Medium Density Residential Standards

Due to the application of the MDRS, in general, it will be possible to build bulkier buildings with a greater building envelope. In other words, the MDRS enables buildings that are bigger, higher, wider and closer to the street.

The introduction of the MDRS changes most of the existing Single House and Mixed Housing Suburban zones (other than those affected by qualifying matters) to the ‘Mixed Housing Urban – Modified’ zone.

‘Mixed Housing Urban – Modified’ zone involves rules that are more relaxed than the existing Mixed Housing Urban zone. See details of the rules in our previous blog.

Walkable Catchments

The new housing rules will allow at least 6 level buildings within a catchment of 10 minutes walking distance around the following:

  • the major hubs (town centres) such as Sylvia Park, Takapuna and New Lynn,
  • train stations, and
  • the northern busway stations.

All existing Terrace Housing Apartment Building (THAB), Mixed Housing and Single Housing zoned land located within the 10 minutes walkable catchment will be changed to “Terrace Housing Apartment Building – Modified’. This zone will be equivalent to the existing THAB zone with further relaxed rules to enable 6 level buildings.


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